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Wildlife of the South

A Mississippi native, Brown explains, "As impressed as others are by Southern wildlife, their wonder takes a second seat to the reverence Southerners hold for our wild animals. Hunters, conservationists, landowners, farmers, city dwellers and more...all exude adoration for the animals that mesmerize their souls..."

"I, too, am spellbound by the animals. I have developed a sincere appreciation, respect, and love for these wild creatures. My experiences with nature's wonders are endless: ducks by the thousands coming to roost against breathtaking sunsets; predators capturing their prey in the game of survival; magnificent bucks proudly prancing through the woods; newborns learning the ways of the wild; wise old tom turkeys strutting their way toward my calls; and the peace that comes from watching a doe nuzzle her fawn." Brown's reverence is visible...and contagious. His photography exhibits stunning camera skills and enviable woods savvy honed through over twenty years of photographing America's wildlife. Whether you're a hunter thrilled by the big bucks, a photographer inspired by the magic of Brown's unique perspective, or simply a nature lover enthralled by the sheer beauty represented in over 100 full-color photos, Wildlife of the South is a winner.

Paul Brown's Wild Visions

As captivating and transposing as the wild animals featured...Paul Brown's keen eye for detail leaves you anticipating the next move of each creature in this book. The elusive white-tailed deer slipping through a cypress swamp, elegant blue herons with their reflections dancing over still waters, the locking of antlers as two bull elk battle for territory—all these creatures of the wild and more are referred to by this award-winning photographer as "wild visions."

"My quest as a photographer is to capture visions on film that reflect my feelings for my subjects," Brown states. "My visions embody special moments where all the ingredients of photography—light, animals and their behavior, habitat and composition—come together to form a vision. I call such a moment a Wild Vision." Enjoy the passion of Brown's photography in this coffee-table treasure. Carefully selected phrases accompany the magnificent images to allow you to taste the excitement of each moment captured. "All nature is but art..." (POPE, Essay on Man, Epis. I, 1.289), a caption for Canada geese in flight, takes you to the moment of Paul Brown's Wild Vision.

The Hunter's Journal

Those of us who spend time afield have a special admiration for our environment and the animals we pursue. We experience many wonderful moments and witness amazing acts of nature. Documenting them in this journal enriches these episodes. Keeping your memories alive will bring pleasure to you and the next generation for years to come.

Teach a child to use this hunting diary and watch his enthusiasm skyrocket. We wish you good hunting and hope this book will become a treasure of tales of successful hunts, humorous episodes, and misadventures. Most of all may The Hunter's Journal help pass along our hunting heritage to future generations while preserving your family memories.

Conserving Wild America

This beautifully illustrated, hardcover, 144-page book highlights animals with a conservation or restoration story to tell. Many have fascinating stories of success, while others face tougher challenges.

"This collection of photographs showcases my favorite big-game animals, ducks, turkeys, bald eagles, cats, and canines," Brown says. "These animals all hold a fascination of their own, and drive my passion for photography.

"Each photograph occupies a special place in my heart. Each has created a special memory, and each strives to illustrate a species at its best in its natural habitat."