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Paul T. Brown, award winning and nationally acclaimed wildlife photographer, took this amazing photograph March 18, 2003, the day before the start of the war with Iraq. This photograph was taken in the wild and has not been manipulated. "This is exactly how it appeared to me and how I shot it," said Brown. "It's the real thing."

The scene made quite an impression on the photographer, "There was our national symbol appearing to be praying at a time we were about to go to war. This was a very profound moment, one that I will never forget."

Now you can purchase your own copy of this unforgettable photograph.
Praying Eagles Limited Edition Framed Print

Limited Edition Framed Print

19" x 13" Archival quality print with or without prayer, wood framed with double matte. *Actual frame may vary from website photo.
Praying Eagles Poster


Fade resistant 20" x 16" poster with prayer.
Praying Eagles Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Print

19" x 13" unframed archival quality print of photo with or without prayer.